Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unfaithful Wife Part 3

Well, hope atleast many of you must have read my 1st & 2nd incidents. Thereafter i’ve received many mails and replied few. Before narrating my 3rd incident I shall re-introduce myself for the benefit of fresher, if any. I am a housewife, 29 yrs (at the time of this incident), 40-32-36, whitish complexion, 5’4” tall, 63 kg weight with cute face, small lips etc and extreme urge for sex. My hubby is 4 years elder to me, dark complexion, my same height, 58 kg weight, thin & short cock, not much interested in sex. However, happily married with one son. My first was a solo, 2nd also but my cousin happened to be partly involved. Now the 3rd one happened to be marathon (three some).

Well it happened as follows: after that 2nd incident justin was in constant touch pleading that his friend (siju) also screw me, but I told the guys not to waste time on such fantasies. Days past and my hubby again had to leave on tour. That day I had some relatives for lunch and by evening they left. I was so exhausted, so took a shower gave early dinner to my son and both of us hit bed by 7 pm itself. It was such a deep sleep I never woke in my sleep and woke up when milk boy rang the bell next day morning. In semi-sleep I fetched the money and went to collect the milk. When I opened the door two thieves/strangers barged into the drawing room in a flash and one guy covered my mouth and other shut the front door and latched. At this point I realized it is still night around 10 pm and the guys are those youngsters (justin & siju) whom I had met in the club. Now they took off the hands from my mouth and it was my turn to maintain silence since my son was sleeping in the master bed room. Their intention was very clear, however, I bluntly refused and requested them to leave, but they kept pleading and sat on the settee.

To escape from them I told i’ll just go to toilet, entered the toilet and bolted. After may be half an hour or so they realized my trick and justin whispered from outside that they want to screw for a last time. When I conveyed that no way i’ll allow one more stranger, he told his friend will not and only he’ll do a quick one and push off. Now since staying in toilet is not the solution I came out. He took me to the guest bed room and started embracing me and told me that how he misses me. With that I also become hot and removed each others clothes. This time I become slightly bold and voluntarily sucked his cock and did all rituals taking time since there was no hurry, no one to disturb and my husband would reach destination (assam) after 3 days only. He spent lot of time on my ass. Finally he laid me in missionary position and parted my legs. He came over me and pointed his tool at the entrance of my drooling opening and plunged inside I could not bear the pain and so screamed.

At the point I was cursing my husband to have thin prick (that is reason whilst “kallavedi” i’ve to bear the pain atleast for initial few strokes) thereafter it was perfect harmony and after half an hour he flooded inside me. It was such a heavenly experience just beyond words. He rested over me for some time planted a kiss on my belly dressed and walked out of the room. I took my panty and cleaned/wiped my pussy. The quantity he pumped into my hole was so much that the whole panty got drenched. I got up and while I was about to dress the other guy came naked into the room and pushed on my back to the bed and before I could realize what was happening he entered my cunt with his monstrous cock. I felt very bad because of this cheating, however the pain was bearable since the pussy was still in a gaping condition also lubricated with the 1st guy’s shuklam. This guy had no mercy and kept on pumping vigorously like a machine. It was like a bull fucking a rat. I was not even able to move and was pinned down like frog being dissected in zoology lab. Only difference in this case only one pin (kambi para). By the time I started to enjoy and relax, siju unloaded his whole thing and got up. I felt so sad for not enjoying that massive dick. When I asked him why he is behaving like robot, he confessed it so happened since this is was the first time. I invited him to the shower. It was here he actually saw a woman naked and started exploring me head to toe. He looked at my heavy white boobs, brown areola, one inch pink nipples, thick growth of pubic hair, thighs, huge round and heavy asses etc. He fondled/sucked/ate each item for a long long time.

I escorted him back to the bed room and while we were drying up each other I took a close look at the already half erect wonder. His balls were not so dark and firm with not much hair. His dick was so dark like black marble. But the length and diameter i’ll never explain since no body is going to believe, it was a killer. To compensate for the lost pleasure of 1st session I laid him on his back and started to suck his huuuuuuge cock. I was standing in doggy style and felt something trickling my pussy. It was justin licking my pussy from back. It was such an experience to get fucked by two guys simultaneously like in x-movies. While I was sucking siju’s cock justin started fucking me from back. Then I switched the positions since I preferred siju’s monster to unload in my pussy. I was made to stand across the bed in doggy position and siju fucked in side the cunt and other guy in my mouth. Both vigorously moved in rhythm. I was yelling so many things and they also forgot the surrounding. Finally both came together and filled both my cavities with tonnes of liquid. The session which started at 10 pm finally ended at 2 pm. By the time, I had enjoyed so much so that no women might have ever enjoyed in her life time. After laying down for some time, the guys got dressed and left, saying thanks to the photograph of my husband which was there on the bed side table. It was a herculean task to clean up myself of the all that sticky liquid the guys had sprayed on me. Next day I left to my house since I felt that these guys may come back for more sessions and that all neighbors may come to know.

Dear readers, I am sorry to inform that this would be my last narration, since after that till now I have not had any further luck for “kalla vedi”. I still dream of that huge dark black cock of that handsome muscular guy who had shown me the true heaven. If he happens to read this and identify me, you are welcome, only you.


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